York Rescue Boat is a charity registered in England and Wales (1155849). Images & Copyright © York Rescue Boat 2015.

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York Rescue Boat is a charity and organisation set up in York to provide a physical and proactive commitment to furthering the safety of the rivers in York.  We aim to achieve this by means of a patrol and rescue boat, education and awareness.  With future progression York Rescue Boat endeavours to provide a stand-by team that will respond as an auxiliary service to the 999 services in area’s of Search & Rescue and  community flood assistance.


Waterways - York Rescue Boat crew will engage with river users to advise on general river safety and conduct.

Awareness - York Rescue Boat crew’s will use various methods to raise awareness of the potential dangers of the river.  In particular when people are beside the river drinking alcohol.  This will be by means of information leaflets, conversations and signage.

Education - Volunteers and Crews will conduct educational presentations to the local schools, colleges and universities of York.  Riverside lectures and demonstrations will be given to groups on how to keep safe on and around the water and what to do in an emergency.


Many footpaths along the York city stretch of the River Ouse are not covered by CCTV, are dimly lit and have been locations of various violent and sexual assaults. Patrolling the River Ouse at various times of the day and night will afford York Rescue Boat an alternative vantage point for the observation, deterrent and reporting of potential anti-social behaviour and crime.


The River Ouse in York is overlooked by numerous bars, clubs and licensed restaurants.  There is a large amount of footfall particularly over Ouse Bridge and Lendal Bridge including footpaths along the rivers edge during licensed premises opening hours.

This drastically increases the likelihood of drunk and vulnerable persons coming to the rivers edge. York Rescue Boat crews can assist vulnerable persons on the riverside and if required administer First Aid assistance until either 999 services or Night Safe teams arrive.